Neighborhood Farm Initiative (Washington, DC)

Our Mission:
We promote collaborative, sustainable cultivation of food in urban spaces. We work to increase opportunities for Metro DC residents to grow food and participate in the diverse communities that thrive in shared urban gardening spaces.

Our Vision:
NFI aims to improve underutilized public green spaces by creating demonstration gardens for hands-on community-wide gardening education, thereby increasing access to fresh vegetables for all members of our community, regardless of income. 

Our Goals:
  • Serve as an educational resource on small scale organic food production for DC-area residents
  • Increase access to nutritious fresh vegetables for underserved neighborhoods and communities
  • Increase the number of organic gardeners in Washington, D.C., leading to more outdoor activities and healthier lifestyles
  • Build capacity and skills of youth and adults seeking work in urban food production
  • Promote connections and foster relationships between and among individuals, garden communities, and land-use agencies
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